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10 Boredom Busters - Keeping Kids Happy At Home

July 28, 2018






If your kids are anything like mine, you'll probably be very familiar with this phrase, especially during school holidays.  We live in a seaside town, so we frequently go to the beach and the park. We go on lots of day trips. But the days at home can sometimes be a challenge to even the most patient among us!


Although I fully embrace technology and highly value its place in our daily lives, I do limit my children's screen time to ensure they have a good balance of mental and physical challenges.


I have brought together my ten favourite activities to help conquer boredom and keep kids engaged.


1. Have a Cosy Read-a-thon

Grab some of your favourite children's books and snuggle up for a reading session.  Read aloud to your child and, if they are old enough, you can take turns at reading.  Discuss characters, plots and events in the story.  Ask your child to predict what might happen next, or why a character behaves in a certain way.  After the story, get them to write an alternative ending, or draw what could have happened instead.




2. Get Crafty

With a pack of coloured card or paper, a glue stick and some scissors, the sky is the limit. Even if you don't think you are particularly creative, places like pinterest.com are a great source of inspiration. 


3. Seek out Some Science

You might not realise it, but your kitchen is the perfect starting place for your budding little scientist to find everything they need for some amazing science experiments.  There are plenty of sites to visit that will give you loads of ideas for experiments.  Just Google "Kitchen Science Experiments" for a great list that your little Einstein will love!




4. Make a Movie

We have made our own Stop Motion Animation videos using the free download from clayanimator.com. Even our 6 year old was able to use this programme independently. It is so simple to use and requires about 10 frames for one second of film.  You just place an object in front of the webcam, snap a photo, then move the object a little.  Repeat until you have at least a few seconds of film.  Our children get get so excited to see the films they have made.  I recently used this programme in one of my Summer Camps. Check out this video one of the kids made.


5. Get Your Bake On

Using maths in the kitchen in a practical way is absolutely crucial to children's understanding of mathematical concepts.  There is no better way to learn about accurate measuring, capacity and ratio.  If our recipe is for 12 muffins, what do we need to 18 muffins? Challenge, do the maths then enjoy eating the results!