5 Advantages of Online Tutoring

Online tutoring - now, there's something as lot of parents would immediately shy away from. But why? Only a few years ago, we would not have felt very comfortable about shopping online but now 86% of people in Ireland do so, 77% of people in the UK and huge 96% of Americans buy online regularly. Online banking is another thing we take for granted these days, with 82% of Smartphone owners using online banking. The world is embracing technology. So why are we so slow to accept online tuition? What advantage could there be over in-person sessions for our children? And could it ever be as good?

1. Availabilty

Finding a tutor who is available and within your locality is not as easy as it sounds. Good tutors tend to be fully booked, or their availabilty is limited as the have many other students already. Their free slots might, and usually do, clash with other activities your children enjoy, such as after-school sports or clubs. Asking your child to give up an activity they enjoy simply to fit in with a tutor's schedule could understandably result in issues with co-operation, ultimately wasting your money. Then there's the mad dash from A to B, dragging children in your wake to ensure you get to the class on time, if it is based in a centre. Or worse, if you find a tutor who visits you at home for lessons, you always have the pressure of making sure your house is tidy and presentable before they arrive! What if there was another way? A way that is more flexible? An online tutor can offer more flexible class times, and you can do this all from the comfort of your own home - untidy or not!

2. Select Who You Want - Not Who You Are Given

Many big tuition companies can be persuasive with their domination of Google search results. They can offer very good progammes, but YOU don't get to select the tutor. You get what you are given. Imagine this elsewhere in your life - would you walk into a restaurant and let them choose the food for you (steak for a vegetarian?!)? Or go shopping for a new dress and have it chosen for you, with no thought of what might suit your tastes? So why would you do so in selecting a tutor? Individual high quality online tutors will almost always offer you a free consultation, a free lesson or a free assessment to ensure that your child 'clicks' with them and that they are a good match. Online tutors understand that YOU are in the driving seat, by not having to physically drive to a location!

3. Value for Money

The question of cost is always the elephant in the room when finding a tutor, whether it is online or in-person. A university student may offer you a cheap solution at €10 per lesson when a fully qualified and experienced tutor will ask for a lot more. Keep in mind what you are paying for and don't be fooled by false economy. Experience comes with a higher price tag, and will always find results faster.

4. Convenience

Imagine the convenience of not having to leave the house and still be able to access high quality tutoring. Add to this the savings in money (and time) by not having to travel to a centre or a tutor's house (or pay for the tutor's travel expenses to your home). Online tutoring offers this convenience and helps put the child at ease. Our chilldren are very amilir with using technology to communicate. Online tutoring means the adult is smaller on the screen and not towering over them in person, making them more relaxed! This can also work better for some children who are very shy in groups, as they have the tutor's undivided attention for the session.

5. Embrace Technology

A good online tutor will have all the resources they need at their fingertips and available on their PC or laptop. They will make the best use of the best technology available, allowing them to

- Write on a virtual whiteboard

- Share their screen with students

- Be there as if in 'face-to-face', by using video calling

- Record sessions for later viewing by the student – a very powerful feature

- Upload files and links for the student to access

- Have a wealth of powerful online resources, ensuring any concept can be easily taught

This winning combination makes online tutoring a no-brainer. If you feel that online tutoring is something that could work for you, please get in touch. I can offer you a free trial, in which I will show you the resources I use and how simple they are to work with. Contact me to find out more!

Elaine Lingard

Emerald Education Centre

email - emeraldeducationbundoran@yahoo.com



phone - (+353) 083 8550210

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