Ten Reasons to Choose Online Tuition This Summer

As a parent, I can honestly say I've been there. We've all been there. The school report states help is needed in a certain area. You know extra help is needed. You also know your weeks are jam-packed and 'Mum's Taxi' might not manage to squeeze in an extra weekly journey into an already hectic schedule. There is an easy answer. Online tutoring. And here are ten good reasons why online tutoring is the perfect solution.

1. Get ready for the new school year

The holidays have only just begun but we should be looking ahead to the next school year. Wouldn't it be great to give our children a boost by making sure they are one step ahead when the start of the new term comes around? Address those issues in the school report and help get them off to a flying start.

2. Free initial assessment

We offer a FREE 15 minute demonstration of our online learning platform and the variety of tools we use to deliver our high quality online sessions. We also offer a FREE initial assessment, enabling you to see the exact places in which improvements can be made. This also helps us to build a programme of learning to meet your child's needs. All of this is FREE - you have nothing to lose! Click here to contact Elaine for for information.

3. Tailor-made learning

We pride ourselves in giving each of our students tailor-made lessons, created to meet their own learning needs. We know that no two students are exactly the same, so why use a 'one-size-fits-all' approach? You can be confident that our sessions address the areas of learning highlighted in the initial assessment and really help to make a difference. We can close the gap in reading, spelling and Maths in as little as 12 weeks.

4. The age of technology is here

I know from personal experience that children are very comfortable with technology from a very early age. We can harness this enthusiasm and use it to create a fun, interesting and engaging ways to work one-to-one with children, and ultimately improve those grades in Maths, reading and spelling. For a free, no-obligation demonstration, please click here to contact Elaine.

5. It fits into your schedule

Imagine NOT having to rush around and fit in yet another weekly appointment into your already busy schedule. Online tutoring can fit around your family commitments. There is no time wasted, travelling from A to B. Your child can have expert help from the comfort of your own home. The tutor gives your child 100% attention and provides feedback after every lesson. It couldn't be easier.

6. Improved attention and concentration

Some children are very easily distracted. With other children around, they may not work to the best of their ability. Online tutoring takes the distraction out of the equation. This means that your child will make the best possible use of their time.

7. You will save money

The cost of fuel to drive to lessons soon adds up over the year. Wouldn't this money be better spent elsewhere?! You could use it for a family day out instead...!

8. Expertise is a click away

You know that you can get any extra help with homework by arranging lessons to coincide with homework evenings or by scheduling an extra online session with the tutor. Some parents opt for splitting an hour's lesson into two sessions on different evenings to help with homework. Tutors are flexible!

9. Access to amazing resources

Every good teacher uses technology to help deliver the best possible lessons to their students. Online tutoring uses the very best resources available and keeps levels of interest and engagment high. This is a winning formula!

10. Support is always there

You don't need to be a technical expert. Even if the idea of working online seems a little frightening, Emerald Education can talk you through everything, step-by-step. Contact us for a demonstration or to book your FREE assessment. It will be the best decision you make this summer!

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