Engaging the Disengaged Reader - 5 Simple Steps to Help Reluctant Readers This Summer

It's that time of year when our local libraries are gearing up to launch their Summer Reading Challenges. After all, it's a fantastic way to get kids opening books and reading for pleasure.

We all know about the importance of making sure our children read during the long summer holiday. If they don't get some reading practice in during those weeks away from school, research has shown that they can suffer from the 'Summer Slide' and actually lose around 3 months ability in reading. A few years of this bad practice will ultimately mean dropping YEARS behind. So, what if our kids aren't 'the reading type'? How do we engage the disengaged reader?

1. Are you sitting comfortably?

This one is really simple. If a child is uncomfortable while they are reading, they will be easily distracted. A cosy spot on the sofa or a beanbag will encourage your child to relax and concentrate.

2. Figit and Focus!

That Figit Spinner can be put to good use here! If we provide the reader with a fidget object, we can promote focusing on concentration and decrease stress that might be brought about by doing something they are not entirely comfortable with i.e. reading.

3. Create contests

This is a tried and tested method and works especially well where siblings are involved. Perhaps they can choose a reward if they read a certain amount. Another way of creating that 'contest' element could be by offering a prize to children when they read a certain number of books over a given period (just like the libraries do!)

4. Everything but books...!

If your child is not happy to read books, never fear - there is a wealth of reading material out there. Find something that interests them, perhaps a magazine about their favourite sport or hobby. Even the newspaper or text all around them every day can help to engage relucatant readers - spotting certain sounds, words with a certain number of syllables or words within words are all ways to encourage without too much pressure. This can easily be made into a contest...

5. Reading together

I often find that reading a page each can take the strain off a relucatant reader. Reading should be a pleasureable experience for the child. Making sure they are feeling relaxed and not threatened by the idea should help to promote this. Don't forget to talk about the story / text to ensure good comprehension of what is being read.

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