They're grand, so why would I need a tutor?

Your child's report might say they aren't struggling, so why would you need to consider having a tutor? Studies indicate that it can comfortably move a student one and a half grades. This could mean moving a student from a low to a good grade.

Private tutors can work at a child’s pace. This is probably the number one consideration for seeking private tutoring. If you are a parent, you can surely recall the time you were at school and for some reason, you didn't quite grasp something and you always wished that someone would explain these areas to you from scratch. Tutors can do just that; unblock one area of learning to make way for further learning.

At Emerald Education Centre we can give your child much-needed one-to-one attention. Is your child very visual, relying on maps, picture and visual stimuli to learn? Does your child prefer to learn by jumping directly into an activity rather than spending a long time reading text information? Children, like adults, have different learning styles and a personal tutor is able to work in a way that an educator teaching 20-odd kids at once is simply unable to. Private tutoring can save your child from falling through the cracks of an education system which can often be all too generic.

We can work on specific obstacles to learning. Dyslexia, dyspraxia, ADHD or ASD can get in the way of a child learning and communicating. At Emerald Education Centre, you will have a specialised, qualified tutor with experience who can help your child advance in leaps and bounds.

We will not only teach your child core subjects; they will also teach them vital study skills. These include time management, handy tips like summarising and focusing on titles while skim reading, and strategies like paying attention to what the teacher emphasises in class, in order to predict the content of future tests.

Private tutoring is extremely flexible these days. With different class options at Emerald Education Centre, your child can study when it best suits them, which means that they can fit study into an all-round schedule which should include time for hobbies, sports, etc.

Private tutoring at Emerald Education Centre allows you to access the very best material possible. Our tutors will not only be using textbooks, computers or worksheets to teach; they will be knowledgeable on a host of alternative teaching methods, which focus less on structure and more on discovering the way we actually learn and retain information.

We will help your child set goals and objectives for themselves. Study is not just about improving one’s marks at school; it is also about achieving specific targets which can go beyond those determined by the official curriculum. For instance, a gifted five-year-old may be given the goal of mastering a higher reading level than her age suggests. This ensures that gifted and talented children (as well as those who are slightly more advanced than their peers) can continue to be stimulated and challenged, which is particularly vital for high level learners.

Choosing classes at Emerald Education Centre can ease the pressure parents feel from homework. Some subject matter in maths or English can be challenging for parents. Some feel having a third party providing the assistance can avoid conflict with their child.

Tutoring at Emerald Education Centre is an effective way of learning. It comes with powerful advantages, and it is the means to get better grades at school, and maybe improve life prospects.

Contact Elaine Lingard at Emerald Education Centre on 083 8550210 / 07802 524998 to book a free assessment or to book classes.

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