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My Kid Struggles To Keep Up. What Can I Do?

I am frequently asked by parents what can be done to help children who really struggle to keep up in class. I have just attended a webinar run by, where this topic was discussed by Ellen Braaten Ph.D. (Harvard Medical School). In her studies, Braaten found that around 60% of children presenting with slow processing speed also had an ADHD diagnosis. 20% of the sample of children were diagnosed with an Autistic Spectrum Disorder, while the remaining 20% of children had no other further diagnosis beyond a slow processing speed. Slow processing speed does not relate to intelligence. Many children with processing issues can be of average intelligence or above. The ability to th

Ten Reasons to Choose Online Tuition This Summer

As a parent, I can honestly say I've been there. We've all been there. The school report states help is needed in a certain area. You know extra help is needed. You also know your weeks are jam-packed and 'Mum's Taxi' might not manage to squeeze in an extra weekly journey into an already hectic schedule. There is an easy answer. Online tutoring. And here are ten good reasons why online tutoring is the perfect solution. 1. Get ready for the new school year The holidays have only just begun but we should be looking ahead to the next school year. Wouldn't it be great to give our children a boost by making sure they are one step ahead when the start of the new term comes around? Address thos

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