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Improving Working Memory of Children with ADHD, ADD, Dyscalculia or Dyslexia

Have you ever forgotten something on your mental shopping list? This is due to our ability to hold only a certain amount of information at a time. Think of your mental notebook as a table - you can only fit so much on the surface of the table before things start to fall off the edge. Children with learning difficulties such as ADHD, ADD, Dyscalculia or Dyslexia find it even more difficult to use their working memory efficiently. Things that are automated to most of us, such as following a string of three instructions - pick up your book, put it on the 2nd shelf and then bring me your blue folder - may be too much for them to hold in their mental notebook, so they either keep asking or don'

Superhero in the making - boost your child's self-confidence from zero to hero

We all want our children to do well. We praise them when they do well. Sometimes, when they don't do so well, we may still praise them. Surely this helps to build self-confidence? We may be doing more harm than good if we dish out false praise... If we over-praise our children, we are lowering the bar for them. We are saying that their effort is good enough (even when it clearly isn't). We are telling them they do not need to keep trying, that they do not need to push themselves. Confidence doesn't develop by praising failure - it comes from acknowledging failure and learning from it, from trying and trying again. From practice. By constantly complimenting our children, we can actuall

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