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They're grand, so why would I need a tutor?

Your child's report might say they aren't struggling, so why would you need to consider having a tutor? Studies indicate that it can comfortably move a student one and a half grades. This could mean moving a student from a low to a good grade. Private tutors can work at a child’s pace. This is probably the number one consideration for seeking private tutoring. If you are a parent, you can surely recall the time you were at school and for some reason, you didn't quite grasp something and you always wished that someone would explain these areas to you from scratch. Tutors can do just that; unblock one area of learning to make way for further learning. At Emerald Education Centre we can give yo

Special Education Needs - 4 things you need to know if your child is struggling at school

'Every child is unique, with individual strengths and learning needs. Child-centredness is at the core of the Primary school curriculum. This recognises that there are different kinds of learning and that children learn in different ways.' (Children With Special Educational Needs - Information Booklet for Parents, NCSE April 2014) As a former SENCO in a UK school, I have worked with many children with special educational needs and helped them to get the support they required to get the most out of their time in school. There are many children who somehow manage to slip through the net; the quiet ones, the shy ones, the ones who misbehave to cover up their inability to complete the task at

Sigma-T and Micra-T Tests - What do the scores mean?

SIGMA-T AND MICRA-T TESTS – WHAT DO THE SCORES MEAN? Your child's report will let you know how they performed in the Sigma-T and Micra-T tests. These tests will contain different numbers of questions, so the score (the raw score) is the number of questions answered correctly by the child. For example, on a test of 60 questions, a raw score of 30 means that the child answered half of the questions correctly.. In standardising a test, Raw Scores are transformed to Standard Scores. Standard Scores tell you the position of a child relative to other children nationally. On most standardised tests, the average Standard Score is set at 100. So, a Standard Score of 115 is in the high average range,

Handwriting - is the pen mightier than the keyboard?

Be honest. Is your child's handwriting neat? Or do you think, like many, that handwriting is no longer an important skill as typing produces neater work? My experiences of both teaching and tutoring have been a real insight when it comes to finding out what children enjoy and what they avoid. Given the technology available to today's child, is it really surprising to learn that some children struggle with and avoid handwriting? In 2014, a study conducted by Docmail suggested that, in the workplace, one in three had not written anything by hand in the previous 6 months. With the development of keyboard skills, we can produce text quickly and neatly, so much so that handwriting had almost

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